now in 3-D

I observe 9/11 as an annual day of protest, and each year I exhort others to join me, mostly in vain.  Americans are lazy and cowardly, comfortable and complacent, yet still remarkably easy to mobilize for state-sponsored, Je suis Charlie-esque Twitter campaigns.

As far as I know, Twitter only operates properly for staff of the US State Department and the Mossad.  Try to organize a 9/11 protest via Twitter, and see how far that gets you.

The protest needs to be in real time, by the volition of real people — you and me.

Every year, I stand in some highly visible place for the entire day of 9/11, holding the five-foot “nanothermite?” sign.  9/11/16 began a week-long hunger strike. David Hazan took this picture on the eleventh.


Apologies to all who had hoped I would kill myself to make a statement. My statement, ultimately: ‘At all times, you possess free will.’ I do.

Ever since my return I have been exceptionally busy, working long days, long nights. Burning the candle at both ends. I am still reflecting on this year’s protest experience. Basically positive. People are awake, genuinely hopeful, ready for change. Beaten practically into submission. Our weakness is inexcusable.

We are selling our children into slavery.

The psychic burden of 9/11 weighs heavily on all of us, keeps us from forming coherent communities, perpetuates war, injustice and surveillance around the world. The sooner we put this painful chapter of history behind us, the sooner we all can heal.

One lesson of 9/11/01, upon which all may agree: the trajectory of world history can be completely altered in one day.

May our next 9/11 be peaceful, honest and easy. Amen.

I will not function as a cog in your machine on 9/11/17, or on any subsequent 9/11, and at least one week thereafter, Labor Day be damned – and everybody knows why I will not be working.  Every other day of the year, I grudgingly generate revenue for the American terror state, but on 9/11 I have a more important job to do. The machine needs to be dismantled. Produce nothing, consume nothing, every 9/11.

I have “nanothermite?” bumper stickers, free for anyone who wants one.  Real cheap for anyone who wants more than one.

Doing my honest best, now in 3-D.

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