Christopher Hitchens

The following is a link to an article written by Hitchens on the tenth anniversary of 9/11:

Simply Evil
A decade after 9/11, it remains the best description and most essential fact about al-Qaida. By Christopher Hitchens | Updated Monday, Sept. 5, 2011
Read more from Slate’s Sept. 11 anniversary coverage.

What is most frightening about this article is that, like Cass Sunstein (of “cognitive infiltration” infamy), Hitchens is a very intelligent man who seems to be aware that he is serving an evil master.


3 Responses to Christopher Hitchens

  1. joe foley says:

    this finished me with Hitchins arrogant prick

  2. Nyonya Majolelo says:

    I do not believe his reply in the second clip was serious, and I do not see what the problem is with the article he wrote and you link to. I would like it if he had addressed the truther with a little more dignity and a pithy explanation as to why he would not engage him, and that is all.

    • you and hitchens both refer to “the truther” as though he is some sort of curious animal in a zoo whose behavior you find rather distasteful.

      i believe that it is time we “truthers” begin to refer to “the liar” (one who would deliberately deceive others as to the nature of the 9/11 crime) as an enemy of the human race, to be scorned and ridiculed accordingly.

      to those of you who were previously unaware of the facts related to 9/11, who are merely uninformed, or “ignorant,” as our elementary school teachers would regularly refer to the misguided puritans who burned witches at the stake: we forgive you.

      the good news: it is very possible, and advantageous, for a person to change his/her mind when presented with new information. nearly everyone, except for the perpetrators of the crime, were ignorant of the truth at some time. it is time for the perpetrators of the crime to be publicly identified and removed from positions of power.

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