Bush was in Dallas 11/22/63


see 1:03.

On the occasion of the publication of his latest book, German author Mathias Broeckers talks about the assassination of John F. Kennedy in Dallas, Texas on November 22, 1963, which he sees as a coup d’etat that was never rolled back.

Here is a link to this fascinating interiew, brought to us by our friends at The Centre for Research on Globalization:

The JFK Assassination Marked the End of the American Republic
August 20, 2013.


What interests me about the JFK assassination is that, like 9/11, it is a major historical event, with enormous ramifications, not only for American democracy, but for political structures in every corner of the earth.

And the Kennedy assassination is demonstrably linked to 9/11 by its major players and motives. Please read on.

With a wave of a hand, and an intricate series of Jedi mind tricks, the CIA tells us “There’s nothing to see here, folks.” It is all just conspiracy theory.

(Thank you Truthstream Media for locating CIA dispatch 1035-960.)

We will never know what Kennedy would have accomplished if he had survived the remainder of his term in office, but in the opinion of his handlers, this option was not desireable.

Thinking people universally dismiss the lone gunman/magic bullet theories of the assassination. Yet we, of later generations, still somehow dismiss the JFK scholars as old kooks. Why don’t they just drop it already? Dead is dead.

One could say the same about 9/11.

In these cases of deep-state crime, however, dead is not dead. The implications of these events will be with us for generations to come. American democracy cannot funtion until the perpetrators of these crimes have been publicly identified and removed from all positions of power.

There is clear documentary and photographic evidence that places George H.W. Bush in Dallas, TX, on November 22, 1963.


On November 22, 1963, Dallas Police take into custody a “Texas oil man,” as a prime suspect in the assassination. This man is released shortly after, his identity never revealed.

Director John Hankey, from The Dark Legacy website:

This memo records Bush’s phone call to the FBI, precisely an hour and fifteen minutes after the assassination. When I first encountered this memo, and when I first put it into my movie, JFK II, I simply called it “weird”. I saw it only in isolation, a weird, isolated connection between Bush and the assassination. It took me years to see it in context. That is, to see that this phone call demonstrates, clearly, that George Bush, was on duty that day.

He was staying at the Dallas Sheraton because his duty assignment was in Dallas. His phone call to the FBI cannot have been random. This James Parrott worked for Bush as a sign-painter; he was not an assassin; this phone call is not what it purports to be; Bush was fulfilling some obscure under-cover function in making this call. So the phone call has to be seen as part of his CIA assignment; which was clearly connected to the assassination. This memo then establishes that Bush was in the Dallas area, and on duty; and that his duty assignment was connected to the assassination. And if his men were in Dallas shooting the President, as they were, he was certainly on duty supervising them.

Though he claims otherwise, in his frantic phone call to the FBI office, Bush was clearly in Dallas on the day of the assassination.

Bush denies ever working for the CIA before being appointed director in 1976, but Hoover makes a point of outing him as an agent on November 29, 1963.

The “smoking-gun” documents, pictured above, which clearly implicate George H.W. Bush in the assassination of John F. Kennedy, were not made available to the general public until 1993, thirty years after the fact.

Can we expect the documents related to 9/11 to be released, leaked, if you will, to the idiot masses, according to this historical precedent, roughly twenty years from now?

We cannot wait that long. The deep-state actors have already initiated the end-game sequence. Bobby Fischer would see the logic in their stacking of rooks and queen at the back of the board, preparing a deadly barrage for checkmate. But in this paticular game, there are several million pawns, and our movements are not so easily predicted.

My understanding of the Kennedy assassination comes primarily from The Dark Legacy movie and website. Please become acquainted with this information, while it is still available to us on a relatively free Internet.

Dark Legacy, the documentary, in its entirety:

(Replete with corny imagery. Hoover in a dress, etc.)

Please purchase a copy from the official website.

Corbett Report Episode 164 – Dark Legacy

What will become clear, to the astute observer, is that the Kennedy assassination and 9/11 are two major events in a multigenerational usurpation of power, which we now have the power to stop, just by becoming informed, making an effort to inform others, and most importantly, by acting in an informed manner.

Soon enough, those of us who can remember where we were on 9/11/01– who can remember where we were, when we realized it was all a big lie— will be old and gray, drawing our last breaths amid a stack of old books and newspaper clippings that prove the event did not occur as the history books tell it.

And then we too will be swept into the Dustbin of History.

Youngsters will too busy sucking each other off with the iPhone’s new feelie functions, and searching the sanitized Internet for Justin Bieber’s greatest hits, to trouble themselves with these unresolved questions of history.

Future generations may come to look upon us as we look upon the German people who allowed the rise of Hitler– as a people too indoctrinated and apathetic to stand together against a great evil. Or they may not really give a shit.

But if we rise up together, right now, and speak with a unified voice, we will be revered by our children as a generation of fighters, who cared enough about their future to finally throw off the yoke of the bankers and war profiteers, and to live as free people.

We have this choice.

Stand up for yourself. Be the unpredictable pawn.
Stand up for those who will live here after we are gone.































































































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