One day, about a week ago, my email inbox was suddenly inundated with opportunities to join #resist meetup groups. It seems that many #resist groups have been formed simultaneously in Northampton, Springfield, Greenfield, Worcester, Albany, etc.

This strikes me as odd, so I visit the central #resist meetup site here:


What becomes immediately evident is that the #resist Twitter hashtag revolution has been conceived over a long period and funded heavily, as evidenced by its slick website production, and its manner of implementation, in blitzkrieg fashion. Over one thousand #resist meetup groups have sprung up instantaneously, all across the English-speaking world, all within a span of no more than ten days, so I decide to ask an obvious question, in the /r/esist subreddit:

Where does #resist get its funding?

I am promptly banned from the subreddit, my question never addressed.

Having been banned from more subreddits than I care to recall, I undertake a course of action which now, for me, is customary in such circumstances – I place evidence of the exchange on the /r/UnitedResitance911 subreddit, for which I am sole moderator. This course of action, while it may seem inconsequential, has the effect of giving permanent place to interactions that would otherwise vanish without a trace.

At /r/UnitedResitance911 you can see a fragmentary record of my reddit bans and humorous correspondences, links to the blog posts you have come to know and love/detest, other points of passing interest, other writings and ramblings.

As I said before, I post evidence of my reddit bans as a matter of course. What drew my attention in this case: as soon as I posted to my own subreddit, a comment showed up (and has since been deleted) on my original post, from redditor /u/caffpanda, even though the post had already been deleted, the comment thread closed.

As the comment thread was now closed to outsiders, I was unable to respond. So I sent /u/caffpanda a private message, requesting that he post the same comment to my thread. Here is the result of our exchange:

The #resist hashtag revolution will probably fizzle and die quickly, all evidence of it buried or removed, since its origins are now being exposed. Therefore, I have included screen shots of the meetup.com page in question:

…and maybe I have not been phrasing the question correctly, since we are given a list of sponsors at the bottom of the meetup.com page.

In the order that they are shown:
Anti-Defamation League
Amnesty International
Human Rights Campaign
Planned Parenthood
Women’s March

The funding for these organizations is copious, and nearly impossible to trace.
I have yet to reach my initial Patreon goal of one dollar.
There is no ‘social justice’ as long as we are slaves to the 9/11 terror state.

The American people must quickly learn the formula behind color revolutions, destabilizations, and the agendas of the world oligarchy before it becomes too late for us all. They must learn that simply because “leaders” appear to them, attempt to speak the same language and articulate rage does not mean that these leaders are men of the people.

Protests are necessary. Directed rage may also be necessary. But the wanton destruction of communities belonging to you or your neighbors is not only counterproductive, it produces rage that will be aimed back at you, and justifiably so. The entire country is being played like a fiddle.

-Brandon Turbeville
George Soros: The hidden hand behind ‘color revolutions’































































































































































































































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