Is Ben Swann being silenced?

Yesterday, while tweaking my most recent post, I attached a YouTube video from Atlanta CBS46 news anchor, Ben Swann, whose honesty in reporting I have appreciated for years.  Overnight, all social media and YouTube channels associated with Ben Swann seem to have been taken down.  These two facts are probably unrelated.

Others have noticed strange activity associated with all of Ben Swann’s social media accounts, ever since his 1/17/17 report on the ‘Pizzagate’ scandal.

Is Ben Swann getting too close to some difficult truths?

Is he being silenced?


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2 Responses to Is Ben Swann being silenced?

  1. Has Ben Swann lost his job? Good post!

    • He seems to be back on the nightly news, but his YouTube vids are gone. The mirrored sites are persecuted constantly, and gradually taken down over the years. This is just the logical first step in the digital erasure of Ben Swann’s best work. Time and the human life span will take care of the friendly talking face on the TV.

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