He will not divide us?

Masses are being mobilized to oppose the Trump presidency. To what end?
Have you gotten a load of the new He will not divide us cult, starring Shia LaBeouf?
The incessant repetition of ‘He will not divide us’ is really creepy,

and Shia LaBeouf is a douche [in certain moments, as we all are].

3 Feb. 2017: I visited this installation yesterday, and the people were normal and welcoming, opinionated and diverse.  The creepy intonation of ‘He will not divide us’ may simply be a passing fad. This installation will be running 24/7, for the next 4 years, at the Museum of the Moving Image. 40°45’23.1″N 73°55’24.4″W All had positive opinions of Shia, were offended by words and behavior of troublemakers.  With this having been said, offense cannot be given if one does not agree to take it.

20 July 2017: The exhibit was concluded prematurely, several months ago.

Who will not divide us? Trump? Is Trump the source of the deepest divisions that now exist, or does the seed of division actually reside within all who would remain willfully blind to the ongoing crimes of the 9/11 terror state, for which Trump is just the latest figurehead? By ridding ourselves of all delusion regarding the 9/11 crime, we rid ourselves of the schizoid tendencies and violent impulses that result from the crippled epistemology of 9/11 truth-denial.

The anger that the American people are exhibiting appears, through my own 9/11 truth-tinted glasses, to be an expression of cognitive dissonance. This mass tendency toward nihilistic violence and narcissism, the absolute avoidance of reality, all predictable responses to systematic trauma-conditioning, by events like 9/11, like the Boston bombing, like the Sandy Hoax, like the 7/7 London tube bombing, like Charlie Hebdo, like the whole fishy lot, fast and furious, all leading to the imposition of what amounts to martial law.

The feeling of being lied to constantly, with no readily evident hope of acknowledgement or redress.

1 Feb. 2017: All of Ben Swann‘s social media accounts and Youtube channels were taken down last night. The following video is [mirrored]

While the official lie of 9/11 remains, there is no free press, no democracy.
Islamophobia, war and surveillance, all make perfect sense.

It is important to remember, in times like these, that Betty White still loves us. Unconditionally. And this is never going to change.
























































































































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