Domestic Propaganda

It was entertaining sometimes to watch Obama grasp, in vain, for any phrase that was not patently false, or obviously misleading. The man always thought like a lawyer, and as such, did his best not to wantonly perjure himself, even though he, like every other talking head on the television, consistently attempted to conjure a world in which the controlled demolition of World Trade Center 7 was the result of ‘scattered fires, fueled by office furnishings.’

What is the cause of our nation’s dysfunction, Mr. Obama?
What is the most prolific source of ‘fake news,’ Mr. Obama?

The job of the CIA-Sock-Puppet-in-Chief was to keep the world in a state of constant tension and insecurity, by means of various bombings, hoaxes, live shooter drills — all that weird shit that started happening once it became clear that the stinking equine corpse of 9/11 could not bear another flogging. All with a dash of Hope and Change.

What happened to World Trade Center 7, Mr. Obama?

What happened to the twin towers, Mr. Obama?

State-sponsored mass-murder. Our taxes pay for this.

The ‘domestic propagandists’ are winning, Mr. Obama, because you willingly followed the 9/11 fake news script for the entire eight years of your presidency, and otherwise showed yourself to be on the wrong side of history. You will be remembered as a bearer of false hope, one who did his utmost to usher in another century of war and slavery, a servant of those dark forces that the human spirit ultimately overcame.



Meanwhile, back at the ranch…

What happened to World Trade Center 7, Mr. Trump?

Are you with the American people, Mr. Trump, or are you with the terrorists?

The American press and intelligence agencies are working against you already,
Mr. Trump, but the American people are decent and open-minded.

Press and intel are working against us too.

We are willing to work with you, Mr. Trump, just as we were willing to work with Obama –
until he sold us to the banks. Do you truly want to work with us, Mr. Trump?

Here is your chance, Mr. Trump…


the test begins now.
































About marley engvall

peacefully dismantling the big lie.
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