Is being morally compromised a prerequitsite for occupying any position of power?


Take no part in the unfruitful works of darkness, but instead expose them. For it is shameful even to speak of the things that they do in secret.

-Ephesians 5:11


Here is the case against the Podesta brothers, most clearly stated:

If John and Tony Podesta were staying at Clement Freud’s villa in Portugal, on May 3, 2007, three blocks from where Madeleine McCann disappeared, this needs to be investigated by law enforcement agencies. I have mixed feelings about law enforcement in general, but children need to be protected from predators.

I do not know quite what to make of “Pizzagate,” but the /r/pizzagate subReddit has been shut down, and all entries in #pizzaghazi Twitter tag are dated from 2015, before this scandal was even on the radar.

I have always considered Assange/Wikileaks to be limited hangout, but the latest round of cables seems to be yielding some interesting information. There is some truly creepy behavior at the highest levels of wealth/power. Jeffrey Epstein is the real deal.

As Trump makes no effort to appoint a special prosecutor to this case,  and follows the 9/11 script, like all the other lying goobers, should we take this as an indication that he is in the same club?

While the super-rich engage in systematic torture of the human race, by war and sexual degradation, I hope one day soon to get married, raise my children to live simple, decent lives.

I work hard at everything I do. Known in some circles as wordsmith, in other circles, a competent bender of pipe, puller of wire. Always doing my best. I work an hour from home, and home is lovely. I cannot think of any place that I would rather be. It is an economic gun at my back. If I do not drive one hour to work and another hour home each day, contribute x-hours of my life, consume y-amount gasoline, generate z-revenue for 9/11 terror state, which I despise, my existence will be judged out of bounds, and everything will be taken from me. Work does not bother me, barely at all, rarely; it’s fine. Everything is fine, there is plenty of everything. The supermarket shelves are well-stocked, used car lots stretch on for acres and acres, big box stores, air-conditioned, so many magnificent man-hours, we have to keep on making more, keep on driving the cars, dropping the bombs – gotta burn some gasoline, y’know?

Our wealth is being systematically syphoned, by a parasitic ruling class, and squandered in Satanic orgy, for want of non-religious terminology to describe this phenomenon.

What is to be done?

Pizzagate is Real: Tearing Away the Veil – Max Igan

Fake News Surge Pins D.C. Pizzeria As Home To Child-Trafficking
November 27, 20168:38 AM ET
Heard on Weekend Edition, NPR

the scourge of fake news claims another innocent victim…

American, United settle World Trade Center developer’s 9/11 claims – Reuters






Wisdom of Solomon 10, 11, 12

Divine Wisdom in History

10 Wisdom it was who kept guard over the first father of the human race, when he alone had yet been made; she saved him after his fall, and gave him strength to master all things. It was because a wicked man forsook her in anger that he murdered his brother in a fit of rage, and so destroyed himself. Through his fault the earth was covered with a deluge, and again wisdom came to the rescue, and taught the one good man to pilot the plain wooden hulk. It was she, when heathen nations leagued in wickedness were thrown into confusion, who picked out one good man and kept him blameless in the sight of God, giving him strength to resist his pity for his child. She saved a good man from the destruction of the godless, and he escaped the fire that came down on the Five Cities, cities whose wickedness is still attested by a smoking waste, by plants whose fruits can never ripen, and a pillar of salt standing there as a memorial of an unbelieving soul. Wisdom they ignored, and they suffered for it, losing the power to recognize what is good and leaving by their lives a monument of folly, such that their enormities have never been forgotten. But wisdom brought her servants safely out of their troubles. It was she, when a good man was a fugitive from his brother’s anger, who guided him on a straight path; she showed him that God is king, and gave him knowledge of his holiness; she prospered his labours and made his toil productive. When men in their rapacity tried to exploit him, she stood by him and made him rich. She kept him safe from his enemies, and preserved him from treacherous attacks; she gave him victory after a hard struggle, and taught him that godliness is the greatest power of all. It was she who refused to desert a good man when he was sold as a slave; she preserved him from sin and went down into the dungeon with him, nor did she leave him when he was in chains until she had brought him sceptre and kingdom and authority over his persecutors; she gave the lie to his accusers, and brought him undying fame. It was she who rescued a godfearing people, a blameless race, from a nation of oppressors; she inspired a servant of the Lord, and with his signs and wonders he defied formidable kings. She rewarded the labours of godfearing men, she guided them on a marvellous journey and became a covering for them by day and a blaze of stars by night. She brought them over the Red Sea and guided them through its deep waters; but their enemies she engulfed, and cast them up again out of the fathomless deep. So good men plundered the ungodly; they sang the glories of thy holy name, O Lord, and praised with one accord thy power, their champion; for wisdom taught the dumb to speak, and made the tongues of infants eloquent.

11 Wisdom, working through a holy prophet, brought them success in all they did. They made their way across an unpeopled desert and pitched camp in untrodden wastes; they resisted every enemy, and beat off hostile assaults. When they were thirsty they called upon thee, and water to slake their thirst was given them out of the hard stone of a rocky cliff. The selfsame means by which their oppressors had been punished were used to help them in their hour of need: those others found their river no unfailing stream of water, but putrid and befouled with blood, in punishment for their order that all infants should be killed, while to these thou gavest abundant water unexpectedly. So from the thirst they then endured, they learned how thou hadst punished their enemies; when they themselves were put to the test, though discipline was tempered with mercy, they understood the tortures of the godless who were sentenced in anger. Thy own people thou didst subject to an ordeal, warning them like a father; those others thou didst put to the torture, like a stern king passing sentence. At home and abroad, they were equally in distress, for a double misery had come upon them, and they groaned as they recalled the past. When they heard that the means of their own punishment had been used to benefit thy people, they saw thy hand in it, O Lord. The man who long ago had been abandoned and exposed, whom they had rejected with contumely, became in the event the object of their wonder and admiration; their thirst was such as the godly never knew.

In return for the insensate imagination of those wicked men, which deluded them into worshipping reptiles devoid of reason, and mere vermin, thou didst send upon them a swarm of creatures devoid of reason to chastise them, and to teach that the instruments of man’s sin are the instruments of his punishment. For thy almighty hand, which created the world out of formless matter, was not without other resource: it could have let loose upon them a host of bears or ravening lions or unknown monsters newly created, either breathing out blasts of fire, or roaring and belching smoke, or flashing terrible sparks like lightning from their eyes, with power not only to exterminate them by wounds inflicted, but by their mere appearance to kill them with fright. Even without these, a single breath would suffice to lay them low, with justice in pursuit and the breath of power to blow them away; but thou hast ordered all things by measure and number and weight.

Great strength is thine to exert at any moment, and the power of thy arm no man can resist, for in thy sight the whole world is like a grain that just tips the scale or a drop of dew alighting on the ground at dawn. But thou art merciful to all men because thou canst do all things; thou dost overlook the sins of men to bring them repentance; for all existing things are dear to thee and thou hatest nothing that thou hast created – why else wouldst thou have made it? How could anything have continued in existence, had it not been thy will? How could it have endured unless called into being by thee? 12 Thou sparest all things because they are thine, our lord and master, who lovest all that lives; for thy imperishable breath is in them all.

For this reason thou dost correct offenders little by little, admonishing them and reminding them of their sins, in order that they may leave their evil ways and put their trust, O Lord, in thee. For example, the ancient inhabitants of thy holy land were hateful to thee for their loathsome practices, their sorcery and unholy rites, ruthless murders of children, cannibal feasts of human flesh and blood; they were initiates of a secret ritual in which parents slaughtered their defenceless children. Therefore it was thy will to destroy them at the hand of our forefathers, so that the land which is of all lands most precious in thine eyes could receive in God’s children settlers worthy of it. And yet thou didst spare their lives because even they were men, sending hornets as the advance-guard of thy army to exterminate them gradually. It was well within thy power to let the godly overwhelm the godless in a pitched battle, or to wipe them out in an instant with cruel beasts or by one stern word. But thou didst carry out their sentence gradually to give them time and space for repentance, knowing well enough that they came of evil stock, their wickedness ingrained, and that their way of thinking would not change to the end of time, for there was a curse on their race from the beginning.

Nor was it out of deference to anyone else that thou gavest them an amnesty for their misdeeds; for to thee no one can say ‘What hast thou done?’ or dispute thy verdict. Who shall bring a charge against thee for destroying nations which were of thy own making? Who shall appear against thee in court to plead the cause of guilty men? For there is no other god but thee; all the world is thy concern, and there is none to whom thou must prove the justice of thy sentence. There is no other king or ruler who can outface thee on behalf of those whom thou hast punished. But thou art just and orderest all things justly, counting it alien to thy power to condemn a man who ought not to be punished. For thy strength is the source of justice, and it is because thou art master of all that thou sparest all. Thou showest thy strength when men doubt the perfection of thy power; it is when they know it and yet are insolent that thou dost punish them. But thou, with strength at thy command, judgest in mercy and rulest us in great forbearance; for the power is thine to use when thou wilt.

By acts like these thou didst teach thy people that the just man must also be kind-hearted, and thou hast filled thy sons with hope by the offer of repentance for their sins. If thou didst use such care and such indulgence even in punishing thy children’s enemies, who deserved to die, granting them time and space to get free of their wickedness, with what discrimination thou didst pass judgement on thy sons, to whose fathers thou hast given sworn covenants full of the promise of good!

So we are chastened by thee, but our enemies thou dost scourge ten thousand times more, so that we may lay thy goodness to heart when we ourselves are judged. This is why the wicked who had lived lives in heedless folly were tormented by thee with their own abominations. They had strayed far down the paths of error, taking for gods the most contemptible and hideous creatures, deluded like thoughtless children. And so, as though they were mere babes who have not learnt reason, thou didst visit on them a sentence that made them ridiculous; but those who do not take warning from such derisive correction will experience the full weight of divine judgement. They were indignant at their own suffering, but finding themselves chastised through the very creatures they had taken to be gods, they recognized that the true God was he whom they had long ago refused to know. Thus the full rigour of condemnation descended on them.














































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