No more Trump-shaming. Time to move on.

Jill Stein called for a new investigation of 9/11, but she was never going to win.

The choice between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton – thank you, Mike Sheet Tray – was the choice between a turdburger and a shit sammich. In the end – and it pained me greatly – I had to choose Trump, for having no record of public service, over Clinton, for her record of orchestrating the violent overthrow of governments across the Arab world, by the ‘color revolution’ formula of the Soros Foundation. 500,000 lives have been lost in the Syrian war alone. Insurgencies started on Twitter can still result in genocide. Hillary Clinton bears much responsibility.

Donald Trump has said some objectionable things about women, about Muslims, ‘Mexicans.’ Much of his rhetoric I find deplorable, but when he referred to Obama and Clinton as ‘founder and co-founder of ISIS,’ that made me wonder if Donald Trump as President might finally combat ‘Islamic terrorism’ at its source: the US State Department. As Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton was continuing the PNAC plan for global domination, now infamously outlined by General Wesley Clark

The game is over. The death machine still chugs along steadily, but the false narrative by which it is fueled no longer yields energy. 9/11 was a big ugly lie, and everybody knows it.

Much remains to be seen about the Donald Trump presidency. Will he have the good sense to distance himself from 9/11 criminal Rudolf Ghouliani, arch-bankster Jamie Dimon. It is important that we call these people out now, and always, to minimize their influence on our society.

Will Trump be allowed to become president at all?

The aim of the Soros-funded Twitter revolutions is to undermine national sovereignty, so that multinational corporations can operate more freely in the broken states, beholden only to central banks. The process of undermining the American nation-state by Soros-style ‘color revolution’ is well underway.

What is the alternative to the statement, ‘Black lives matter’? ‘Black lives don’t matter’? ‘All lives matter’? I don’t know what I am supposed to say here. Is it necessary for me to weigh in on so ludicrous a debate? While people are understandably angered by police brutality, racial profiling, and other troublesome products of the cop/criminal dichotomy, the Black Live Matter ‘debate’ is largely manufactured, to sow the seeds of division among common people. Where do the thousands of ‘Black Lives Matter’ lawn signs come from in an instant? Soros Foundation dollars at work.

Now you are being mobilized by your television for Anti-Trump rallies, and money is being offered to duly sworn Electors, to vote contrary to the will of their constituents. If this election is somehow stolen from Donald Trump, our country will erupt in civil war. It will not be my war. I will stand off to the side with the nanothermite? sign, while you all duke it out to determine who is your favorite 9/11 liar.

I believe that the popular vote will be in favor of Donald Trump, thereby taking all wind from the sails of the Clinton-babies. I could be wrong about this. The mass media seems to still be trying to coronate Clinton, and Trump-shame the rest of us. Hillary Clinton is a war criminal, an habitual liar, and she has spent much of her life defending the absolutely shameful, equally criminal, behavior of her ‘husband,’ William Jefferson Clinton. When we look into Bill Clinton’s connection to Jeffrey Epstein, and when you trace his career back to his days of importing cocaine to an airstrip in Mena, Arkansas, it becomes clear that there is truly rank corruption at the core of the modern power structure, and Hillary Clinton cannot be extricated from it.

If you are being spoon-fed a ‘revolution’ by the talking heads on TV, it is not a real revolution. Think for yourself, stand up for yourself, make history.

Clinton is just as horrible as Trump.
Without 9/11 accountability, the whole system is corrupt.

Donald Trump and The Future – Max Igan







































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