Zechariah 9:11-13:9

And as for you, by your covenant with me sealed in blood
I release your prisoners from the dungeon.
(Come back to the stronghold, you prisoners who wait in hope.)
Now is the day announced
when I will grant you twofold reparation.
For my bow is strung, O Judah;
I have laid my arrow in it, O Ephraim;
I have roused your sons, O Zion,
and made you into the sword of a warrior.
The Lord shall appear above them,
and his arrow shall flash like lightning;
the Lord God shall blow a blast on the horn
and march with the storm-winds of the south.
The Lord of Hosts will be their shield;
they shall prevail, they shall trample on the sling-stones;
they shall be roaring drunk as if with wine,
brimful as a bowl, drenched like the corners of the altar.
So on that day the Lord their God
will save them, his own people like sheep,
setting them all about his land,
like jewels set to sparkle in a crown.

What wealth, what beauty, is theirs:
corn to strengthen young men,
and new wine for maidens!
Ask of the Lord rain in the autumn,
ask him for rain in the spring,
the Lord who makes the storm-clouds,
and he will give you showers of rain
and to every man grass in his field;
for the household gods make mischeivous promises;
diviners see false signs,
they tell lying dreams
and talk raving nonsense.
Men wander about like sheep
in distress for lack of a shepherd.
My anger is turned against the shepherds,
and I will visit with punishment the leaders of the flock;
but the Lord of Hosts will visit his flock,
the house of Judah,
and make them his royal war-horses.
They shall be corner stone and tent peg,
they shall be the bow ready for battle,
and from them shall come every commander.
Together they shall be like warriors,
who tramp the muddy ways in battle,
and they will fight because the Lord is with them;
they will put horsemen shamefully to rout.
And I will give strength to the House of Judah
and grant victory to the house of Joseph;
I will restore them, for I have pitied them,
and they shall be as though I had never cast them off;
for I am the Lord their God and I will answer them.
So Ephraim shall be like warriors
glad like men cheerful with wine,
and their sons shall see and be glad;
so let their hearts exult in the Lord.
I will whistle to call them in, for I have redeemed them;
and they shall be as many as once they were.
If I disperse them among nations,
in far-off lands they will remember me
and will rear their sons and then return.
Then I will fetch them home from Egypt
and gather them in from Assyria;
I will lead them into Gilead and Lebanon
until there is no more room for them.
Dire distress shall come upon the Euphrates
and shall beat down its turbulent waters;
all the depths of the Nile shall run dry.
The pride of Assyria shall be brought down,
and the sceptre of Egypt shall pass away;
but Israel’s strength shall be in the Lord,
and they shall march proudly in his name.
This is the very word of the Lord.

Throw open your gates, O Lebanon,
that fire may feed on your cedars.
Howl, every pine tree; for the cedars have fallen,
mighty trees are ravaged.
Howl, every oak of Bashan;
for the impenetrable forest is laid low.
Hark to the howling of the shepherds,
for their pastures are ravaged.
Hark to the roar of the young lions,
for Jordan’s dense thickets are ravaged.

These were the words of the Lord my God: Fatten the flock for slaughter.
Those who buy will slaughter it and incur no guilt; those who sell will say,
‘Blessed be the Lord, I am rich!’ Its shepherds will have no pity for it.
For I will never again pity the inhabitants of the earth, says the Lord.
I will put every man in the power of his neighbour and his king, and as
each country is crushed I will not rescue him from their hands.

So I fatten the flock for slaughter for the dealers. I took two staves: one I called Favour and the other Union, and so I fattened the flock. In one month I got rid of three shepherds, for I had lost patience with them and they had come to abhor me. Then I said to the flock, “I will not fatten you any more. Any that are to die, let them die; any that stray, let them stray; and the rest can devour one another.’ I took my staff called Favour and snapped it in two, annulling the covenant which the Lord had made with all nations. So it was annulled that day, and the dealers who were watching me knew that all this was the word of the Lord. I said to them, ‘If it suits you, give me my wages; otherwise keep them.’ Then they weighed out my wages, thirty pieces of silver. The Lord said to me, ‘Throw it into the treasury.’ I took the thirty pieces of silver — that noble sum at which I was valued and rejected by them! — and threw them into the house of the Lord, into the treasury. Then I snapped in two my second staff called Union, annulling the brotherhood between Judah and Israel.

Then the Lord said to me, Equip yourself again as a shepherd, a worthless
one; for I am about to install a shepherd in the land who will neither
miss any that are lost nor search for those that have gone astray nor heal
the injured nor nurse the sickly, but will eat the flesh of the fat beasts and
throw away their broken bones.

Alas for the worthless shepherd who abandons the sheep!
A sword shall fall on his arm and on his right eye;
his arm shall be shriveled
and his right eye blinded.
This is the very word of the Lord of Hosts:
O sword, awake against my shepherd
and against him who works with me.
Strike the shepherd, and the sheep will be scattered,
and I will turn my hand against the shepherd boys.
This is also the very word of the Lord:
It shall happen throughout the land
that two thirds of the people shall be struck down and die,
while one third of them shall be left there.
Then I will pass this third through the fire
and I will refine them as silver is refined,
and assay them as gold is assayed.
Then they will invoke me by my name,
and I myself will answer them;
I will say, ‘They are my people,’
and they shall say, ‘The Lord is our God.’


Sheikh Imran Hosein

if the blind eye represents spiritual blindness, what does the shrivelled right arm represent?  lack of coercive strength.  we are on the right side of history, and on the right side of the law.  it is time for 9/11 criminals to repent.



































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