New Year’s Revolution


When I go to New York City in September, the gallon jug I bring with me will contain water, not gasoline. I have weighed the relative merits of self-immolation, and have decided against it. The big flash does certainly make a point quickly and dramatically, but my six-year-old son depends on having me around.

Many of you have come to depend on me to do this job, and reluctantly I accept the responsibility, though it really should not be mine. I occupy no position of authority. I lost no friends or members of my immediate family in the tragedy. I do not talk on your television or your radio, except when I call in from the periphery, to then have my comments glossed over — glossed over, like the eyes of those lobotomized moderators, who hastily move the discussion back to the “real news” of the day (talking points furnished by the CIA)

I am the guy with the five-foot nanothermite sign, so I guess this is my job to do, but, like Bartleby, the Scrivener, I would prefer not to.

I intend to sit there, outside the World Trade Center PATH station, for as long it takes, starting September 11, 2016. The jug of water will sustain me for awhile, and your loving support should sustain me longer still. This will be a hunger strike, and I will trust in the basic decency of the human race to bring me through it alive.

I have chosen this course of action only after much deliberation. It was about five years ago that I became aware of our present historical impasse. I saw a video of the infamous WTC 7 free-fall, and was radicalized at that instant.

My brain works like a computer; when given a set of data, it expects a certain outcome. If the data, when processed, do not align with the expected outcome, my brain will return an error message. The program cannot progress any further until the error has been satisfactorily cleared. This is how I think of the destruction of the towers. Every time we observe the videos of these controlled demolitions, and check them against Shyam Sunder’s ridiculous obfuscations,

and Zdenek Bazant’s wacky non-science,


our minds will inevitably return similar error messages. This does not compute.

I am calling my shot nine months in advance, because I really don’t want to have to do this. I would rather just go to work with a bagged lunch and a thermos of coffee, build stuff for eight hours, and then go home. Unfortunately, when I perform this more simple and normal routine, a significant portion of the wealth that I manufacture is sent back to the agencies that perpetrated the crime of 9/11. This money is then used to manufacture other false-flag terror events, to purchase weapons, shiny new Toyotas, and Abrams tanks, for “the self-proclaimed Islamic State,” and basically, to set the stage for World War III, from which the human race will not recover.


While you may see my behavior (starving myself in the interest of world peace) as bordering on suicidal, it is certainly no more suicidal (in the long term) than contributing our energy and wealth to the fascist world-domination project.

Allow me to reiterate: I really don’t want to engage in this hunger strike.

This is where you come in.

If you are in a position to influence opinion on the matter of 9/11, just tell the truth. If you are a teacher, refuse to promulgate the idiotic, xenophobic bullshit printed in the text books. Just tell the truth. If you are a “journalist,” refuse to participate in the lie, and when you are relieved of your position, take your case to the highest court in the land. If you are the parent of a school-aged child, tell your child the truth about 9/11, and give your child permission to challenge any authority figure who insists on promoting the lie. Air your grievances at PTA meetings, union meetings, radio call-in programs, political rallies, poetry slams — anywhere that you are given an opportunity to speak. Just tell the truth.

Everyone is aware of the problem, and it is not a difficult problem to solve. Just tell the truth.


If you see something, say something. This is what it says in the public transit systems. Every day that you remain silent, you become more complicit in the crime of 9/11.

This is one problem that we do not need to pass along to our children.

I have great faith in all of you. Let’s get it done before September.


About marley engvall

peacefully dismantling the big lie.
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3 Responses to New Year’s Revolution

  1. kickingstumps24 says:

    Nice work here, thanks

  2. I’m close to NYC, maybe next year?

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