Notes on the American Spring


The Burning Theater

you are no longer afraid.

“The Party told you to reject the evidence of your eyes and ears. It was their final, most essential command. His heart sank as he thought of the enormous power arrayed against him, the ease with which any Party intellectual would overthrow him in debate, the subtle arguments which he would not be able to understand, much less answer. And yet, he was in the right! They were wrong and he was right… The solid world exists, its laws do not change. Stones are hard, water is wet, objects unsupported fall toward the earth’s center”

–Orwell, 1984

Are we prepared to teach our children that the laws of physics were suspended on 9/11/01? Are we prepared for the consequences of this?

Are we prepared to live in a world where inclusion in cultural institutions, and in polite society, will depend upon real or pretended acceptance of The Lie, or at the very least, silence; where those who cannot perform the necessary intellectual contortions– who cannot force two and two to make five, and who, moreover, cannot abide any system of control that would force them to perform such feats of self-deception– will continue to be marginalized, labelled and ridiculed, just for standing on the side of Newtonian physics? Where the brightest, the most compassionate, the most honest and trustworthy of our children will be placed into the category, “unfit for meaningful service,” because they refuse to bear the burden of silence? Because they have chosen to stand on the side of humanity?

Will “Leadership” continue to be the sole province of liars, who defend the official 9/11 story, while knowing it to be false, idiots, who actually believe the story, and cowards, who refuse to even look at the abundant evidence that 9/11 was a crime committed by elements within the U.S. government against its own people?

To impotently hassle these liars, idiots and cowards, you can call C-SPAN’s Washington Journal program:

Democrats: 1-202-585-3880

Republicans: 1-202-585-3881

Independents: 1-202-585-3882

It is on live every day at 7AM -10AM EST

While this call-in activity does force our “leaders” to answer difficult questions, and to confirm their complicity in the lie, it appears to be an exercise in futility. The questions are avoided, answered with lies and ridicule, and then the talking heads move on to the real business of the day.

“You will have to get used to living without results and without hope. You will work for awhile, you will be caught, you will confess, and then you will die. Those are the only results that you will ever see. There is no possibility that any perceptible change will happen within our own lifetime. We are dead. Our only true life is in the future. We shall take part in it as handfuls of dust and splinters of bone…

“At present, nothing is possible except to extend the area of sanity little by little. We cannot act collectively. We can only spread our knowledge outwards from individual to individual, generation to generation. In the face of the Thought Police, there is no other way.”

–O’Brien, posing as resistance leader
(Orwell, 1984)

I have deep misgivings about repeating such a pessimistic quotation. Each time words are replicated their magic gains strength, their ability to “spread knowledge outwards,” increases.

There can be life for us in the future, and, as O’Brien states quite truly, we will participate as handfuls of dust and fragments of bone. Human life is short, and the individuals who organized the attacks of 9/11 are depending upon this fact to serve their interests, and to keep them hidden as long as they walk the earth.

Their predecessors– the individuals who orchestrated John F. Kennedy’s assassination– are now just running out the clock, waiting the fifty years (more or less) until they are all dead or in some state of dotage that renders prosecution meaningless.

The process of atrition is nearly complete for the key players in the JFK assassination. It is now considered established history that Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone, that the bullets he fired, like WTC 7, were not governed by the laws of physics…

…and that anyone who dares to openly question the official story is a raving loon. The official story is widely known to be false, but for the sake of “getting along,” not being labelled, maginalized and ridiculed, we have allowed the Kennedy assassination to slip down the memory hole.

SLUPP! Now it’s gone forever. The last democratically elected American president can never be brought back.

Meanwhile, the disciples and progeny of the Kennedy assassins have been allowed to make their own contributions to the historical process, and to lead us further down the road to tyranny and endless war. They are expecting the historical precedent of the Kennedy job to hold for 9/11 as well.

Will we allow this?

Kennedy was just one man, who made the conscious decision to become leader of the most powerful nation on earth. When a person assumes a role such as this, he also assumes a certain degree of risk. Powerful people often have powerful enemies. Kennedy was aware of this risk, and he paid the ultimate price.

JFK will be remembered as a great man. We will always attribute to him a degree of greatness that he may or may not have truly possessed. Because his life, and his presidential term, were cut short, we will forever look to the man’s enormous potential, and see him somehow as an embodiment of what is best in ourselves.

In the form of dust and bone, Kennedy will continue to contribute to the great human dialogue, even though he is no longer here to speak.

Please do not imagine, however, that one must meet with some grisly and untimely demise, in order to be afforded the privilege of speaking in the future. Howard Zinn lived to a ripe old age, and died of natural causes, but he will be with us for many years to come. He earned the privilege of participating in the dialogue of the future by participating in the dialogue of his own lifetime.

O’Brien [of Orwell’s 1984] is preparing you to submit to a silent, anonymous, atomized existence. He is instilling in you the deep fear that allows a totalitarian state to function.

Do not allow your own irrational fear to condemn our children to an existence no better than our own, in which they too will be enslaved by the American war machine, and the enormous waste of human potential that it represents.

I have come to see the battle for 9/11 truth as just a difficult job, something akin to childbirth. The end of the birth process will arrive as a great relief to the body undergoing this monumental labor, and the new entity that results from this process will possess infinite potential, bounded only by the limitations imposed on it by the world into which it is born.

I look forward to the day when we may together embark on a whole new era in world history, guided by the principles of peace and cooperation, not the profit motive.

A great deal of online chatter is devoted to painting the Zeitgeist movement as some sort of new-age, one-world-government cult, but at its core, the ideology is a most basic human response to the divergent possibilities presented by industrialization. The ideas are as old as industrialization itself.

Increased efficiency can either be used to provide sustenance to a greater number of people, shorten working hours, utilize resorces more efficiently, or it can be used to bring greater monetary profit to the owners of the system, destroy greater swaths of natural habitat, produce more junk, slaughter more animals, slaughter more humans.

We have been conditioned to believe in the inherent power of the owners to guide us along the latter course. Orwell’s 1984 is regularly assigned to school children to reinforce their belief in the futility of resistance, and the inevitability of human degradation. Much less common in modern school curriculum is Looking Backward, by Edward Bellamy.

Published in 1888, the book chronicles the journey of a man who awakens from a Rip-van-Winkle-esque, 112-year sleep, in the distant year 2000, to find that the human race has taken control of its own destiny, and is now using its machinery to produce abundance, not misery. War, in this imagined future, is considered an anachronism.

“In my day,” I replied, “it was considered that the proper functions of government, strictly speaking, were limited to keeping the peace and defending the people against the public enemy, that is, to the military and police powers.”

“And, in heaven’s name, who are the public enemies?” exclaimed Dr. Leete. “Are they France, England, Germany, or hunger, cold, and nakedness? In your day governments were accustomed, on the slightest international misunderstanding, to seize upon the bodies of citizens and deliver them over by hundreds of thousands to death and mutilation, wasting their treasures the while like water; and all this oftenest for no imaginable profit to the victims. We have no wars now, and our governments no war powers, but in order to protect every citizen against hunger, cold, and nakedness, and provide for all his physical and mental needs, the function is assumed of directing his industry for a term of years. No, Mr. West, I am sure on reflection you will perceive that it was in your age, not in ours, that the extension of the functions of governments was extraordinary. Not even for the best ends would men now allow their governments such powers as were then used for the most maleficent.”

(from Looking Backward,)

Visionaries have always known that the most basic precondition, for realizing even a portion of humanity’s vast potential, is the elimination of war.

As we lay out solar panels at the top of a decommissioned landfill in Springfield, Massachusetts, my co-workers and I discuss politics, to pass the time and to occupy our minds with something other than the monotonous task at hand.

“Yes, war is a huge waste of resources,” agrees my colleague, “and if those resources were applied to improving the human condition, they would go a long way, but what you are suggesting is the end of war.”

He is aghast. So distant seems this possibility from our present frame of reference, that it is difficult to conceive of such a state.

“There has been war throughout human history,” he adds. “and war there will always be.”

“If we tell ourselves continuously that there will always be war,” I counter, “I guess there will always be war. As long as we allow Pentagon propaganda to direct our fear and animosity toward some fictitious external enemy, we will always see the need for diverting resources into preparation for war.

“But this is why I have come to see 9/11 as a gift. It lays bare the lie. It exposes the American war machine itself as our primary enemy, and the enemy of all humanity.”

My co-worker now is silent.

Every informed person knows that elements within the U.S. government committed the crime of 9/11, but somehow we still lack the courage to unite in resistance.

Finding the courage to demand truth is the single most important task that we face at this moment, and while each person must face the grim reality of 9/11 individually, we can only resist and dismantle the myth collectively.

I have stood with my sign in Northampton [9/11/12], Springfield [before the Warren/Brown debate], in front of statehouses in Boston, Albany, Concord, Hartford and Providence, at the weekly Saturday protest outside the World Trade Center PATH station [and 9/11/13], in the courtyard of the U.S. Capitol building.

Here is a fact that may surprise you: The majority of the police officers that I have met in these places have been supportive of my protest. A few of the officers in the vicinity of Ground Zero actually participate in the conversation, and agree with the aims of movement wholeheartedly.

We may already be past the tipping point in public opinion concerning 9/11 truth.

“In a Scripps-Howard Poll in 2006, with an error margin of 4 percent, some 36 percent of respondents assented to the claim that “federal officials either participated in the attacks on the World Trade Center or took no action to stop them.” Sixteen percent said that it was either very likely or somewhat likely that “the collapse of the twin towers in New York was aided by explosives secretly planted in the two buildings.”
Conspiracy theories are by no means a strictly domestic phenomenon; they can easily be found all over the world. Among sober-minded Canadians, a September 2006 poll found that 22 percent believe that “the attacks on the United States on September 11, 2001 had nothing to do with Osama Bin Laden and were actually a plot by influential Americans.” In a poll conducted in seven Muslim countries, 78 percent of respondents said that they do not believe the 9/11 attacks were carried out by Arabs. The most popular account, in these countries, is that 9/11 was the work of the U.S. or Israeli governments.”

from Conspiracy Theories,
by Cass R. Sunstein and Adrian Vermeule, 2008.

Since 2008, we can only assume that public consciousness of 9/11 truth has risen dramatically, especially since the publication of Harrit, et al, in 2009.

(In his book, Cognitive Infiltration: An Obama Appointee’s Plan to Undermine the 9/11 Conspiracy Theory, David Ray Griffin analyses Sunstein’s essay in depth, and argues that, because the authors never specify which “conspiracy theory” they are discussing, the essay possesses both an “exoteric,” and an “esoteric” meaning. Fascinating book.)

People often say to me, “We are aware of this problem of the 9/11 myth, and we are aware of the problems that it is causing in our world, but the people who committed the crime are very powerful. What can we do to change this situation?”

My answer: you can participate. You must participate. Let go of the fear that prevents you from speaking openly about this historical crisis. Discuss the matter with friends, family, co-workers, members of your community. Do not fear rejection. People are overwhelmingly supportive of this mission. Many have expressed a deep and abiding respect for my decision to become engaged.

A few odd ducks [some of whom, I have increasingly come to believe, are actually paid agents, engaged in a program of psychological warfare] will tell you to “fuck off and die,” and that your engagement in this movement is disrespectful to the victims of the crime. You can respectfully disagree, and assert that it is more disrespectful to engage in criminal wars based on false pretenses. Tell them that you are honoring the victims by seeking justice on their behalf. Or you may suggest that these verbal assailants also “fuck off and die.” I have employed both tactics, to varying degrees, on various occasions, always with a big smile, and with great resultant satisfaction, when these jerks are left angry and speechless.

Do not allow revelations of NSA spying deter you from performing your civic duty. Yes, we are being watched, but who cares? The people who monitor our communications are human beings, possessed of the same capacity for compassion, fear and rational thought, as you or I. Soldiers and police are human beings. I hope that my activities have helped to awaken some of them, not only to the truth of 9/11, but to the potential of one ordinary person to influence the course of history.

Do not doubt for a moment that you are influencing the course of history. By apathy and inaction, you influence the course of history. As it stands now, future generations will revile the Americans of today, for our collective apathy and ignorance, just as we now revile those good Germans, who went to work every day, who loved their children, who were kind and decent to their neighbors, but who ultimately allowed Hitler’s rise to power.

By speaking truth, you are sharing courage and compassion with your fellows. You will find that you possess an infinite supply of both.

This is not just hyperbole.

We watch on television as “color revolutions” tear apart societies throughout the world, in the form of the “Arab Spring,” the Syrian crisis, the Ukrainian “Euromaidan” protests, the Venezuelan uprising near on the horizon. It is impossible to know to exactly what extent these uprisings are armed, funded and publicized by Western intelligence, but these movements are being used to depose democratically elected leaders, to destroy all vestiges of civilized society, leaving in their wake failed states, divided, “Balkanized” states, that have no chance of ever resisting the forces of bankster Capitalism, as embodied by such institutions as the IMF and World Bank.

We Americans are expected to empathize with these revolutionary movements, recognizing, as we do, the utter corruption of our own ruling class, and of the entire economic and political system that would make a crime such as 9/11 a profitable and ideologically useful endeavor. We are expected to derive vicarious satisfaction from the successes of these revolutions, and to ignore the one revolution that truly needs to happen, right here in the USA.

The coming American Revolution will not be publicized in the corporate media, until it is simply too big to ignore. It is happening now. As we in the Northern Hemisphere enter into our temperate season (protest season, if you will) I urge my fellow Americans to make plans for the “American Spring,” with the central rallying point of 9/11/01. Do not allow the central grievance of 9/11 to be overshadowed by anything that resembles “the Occupy Movement,” with the vagueness of its goals and demands.

While I trust in the good intentions of many within “the Occupy Movement,” and in the good intentions of many of the protestors elsewhere in the world, our attack needs to remain focused on the 9/11 Lie. The world in which 9/11 was a crime committed by nineteen Islamic fundamentalists with boxcutters, is fundamentally different from the world in which the crime was committed by rogue elements within the U.S. government.

As long as any portion of the world’s population is allowed to suffer under the officially-sanctioned delusion, we will be a deeply divided people, ripe for exploitation by the very forces that orchestrated the 9/11 event.

I look to the principles of radical non-violence, as practiced by Gandhi and Martin Luther King, Jr., to guide my own personal behavior, and I hope that those within the movement adhere to these principles as long as this is feasible.

I trust our enemies not to be so foolish as to resort to unprovoked violence in response to this mass movement, as they must recognize the unforeseeable difficulties that would arise from the creation of martyrs.

So far, they have waged the information war, as Sunstein advised, with a combination of silence and ridicule, but at some point, when the movement has become too large, the public outcry too loud, these tactics will no longer be effective.

In fact, I believe it is time for us to begin responding to ridicule with ridicule. It is time to call the liars liars; the idiots, idiots; the cowards, cowards. Do not apologize for arguing on the side of Newtonian physics.

We have already won the information war. Every decent American will respect and defend your right to expose The Lie.

When I arrive at the plaza of the US Capitol building with the “nanothermite?” sign, a police officer approaches me and asks, “Are you aware of the policies regarding protest in this area?”

“No, sir.”

“Well, you are free to stand here with your sign for as long as you want. You can’t put the sign down, or lean it against anything. You can’t block the roadway, or hold the sign on the Capitol steps.”

Fair enough.

“What is nanothermite?” he asks.

“It’s an incendiary that’s present in World Trade Center dust samples, and it really ought not to be there.”

“Were you part of the clean-up?”

“No,” I replied, “but I am trying to do my part now.”

The guard seems satisfied with answers, my bearing and comportment, so he heads back to the Capitol steps.

So we just stand there– several guards on the steps of the Capitol, I on the opposite side of the driveway by which members of congress arrive and depart. Over the course of the day, a couple more officers even cross the divide to ask what I am all about. I try to explain why the presence of thermitic material in 9/11 dust troubles me so, and offer them my self-published booklet of poetry, which, to my surprise, they accept.

Later in the afternoon, an officer approaches on a motorbike, to ask some more pointed questions. After a few pleasantries, he takes a proffered zine, then asks for my personal information– name, age, address, social security number. I give him all the information that he requests, having nothing to hide, but I am bothered at having to do this.

Could I have refused to provide this information, since I was committing no crime? Yes, probably. Could the police officer have found some way to escalate the situation and ruin my day? Yes, probably.

This officer also tells me that I can no longer hand out literature, as I have been doing all day, because this constitutes “soliciting.” From this point on, I keep literature in my jacket pockets and allow people to take from there.

Each person is responsible for defining his own limits, choosing his own battles. I personally choose not to engage in any battles at present. If a police officer tells me that I cannot stand in some certain spot, I will ask him where I am allowed to stand. If he tells me I cannot distribute literature, I will find some alternate means of distribution. I can envision circumstances in which I would not move, when ordered to do so, where I would risk jail, beatings, or even death, if I thought that this would somehow advance the goal of peace.

The prospects of violence and imprisonment are so far removed from my own experience in the battle for truth, however, that I would call them unrealistic, at a very basic level. As long as I stand peacefully with my sign, and engage in constitutionally protected speech, I expect to meet with very little resistance from authorities.

Forces of change and peace are coalescing. Let the American Spring begin.


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