the test begins now.


“Regarding 9/11– I got involved with the issue accidentally, four years ago (in 2007).  My wife has been a peace activist all her life.  She is known for this in the Danish community, so probably this is the reason why she had sent to her three DVDs, anonymously, four years ago .  On the cover of these DVDs was a big iceberg, and it was called  ‘Under the surface.’

“We thought for awhile that this was regarding global warming, and we were very busy, so they were lying around, maybe for a month or two.  [At] some time, we put one of the DVDs in the DVD player, and it turned out to be a presentation by American professor, Steven E. Jones, from the Brigham Young University, in Utah.

“And this presentation, among many other things, showed a building collapsing, which turned out to be Building 7 of the World Trade Center complex… a 186 meter, steel-framed high-rise, 47 stories, which came down seven hours after the North Tower of the World Trade Center collapsed…”

–Dr. Niels Harrit
Professor Emeritus of Chemistry
University of Copenhagen

Steven E. Jones has been mentioned exactly twice in the New York Times. On the first two days of September, 2006, The New York Times ran two articles, the first entitled, U.S. moves to debunk ‘alternative theories’on Sept. 11 attacks, and the second, 2 U.S. Reports Seek to Counter Conspiracy Theories About 9/11. Beside the New York Times link to the second article can still be found (when you search ‘kevin ryan‘ and ‘steven jones’ simultaneously, NYT search engine) a little thumbnail picture.
One brimming thimble of rebellion in the mighty ocean that is the New York Times.

U.S. moves to debunk ‘alternative
theories’ on Sept. 11 attacks

New York Times, September 1, 2006

“The National Institute of Standards and Technology issued a seven-page study based on its earlier 10,000-page report on how and why the trade center collapsed. The full report, released a year ago, and the synopsis, in a question and answer format, are available online at

“We realize that this fact sheet won’t convince those who hold to the alternative theories that our findings are sound,” Newman said. “In fact, the fact sheet was never intended for them. It is for the masses who have seen or heard the alternative theory claims and want balance.”

Just as the Church demanded of Galileo a more fair and balanced approach to astronomy.

Niels Harrit

Steven E. Jones

Steven Jones and Niels Harrit collaborated to publish a paper in 2009:
Active Thermitic Material Discovered in Dust from the 9/11 World Trade Center Catastrophe.

Please read this paper, if you have not already.  Figure 29, on page 25, shows the energy spike of a red/grey chip against that of a known thermitic compound.  The material from the WTC dust sample burns hotter, with lower ignition temperature, than the known compound.

Since the publication of the thermite paper in 2009, Steven Jones has not been mentioned again by the New York Times, and Niels Harrit, Professor Emeritus of Chemistry, University of Copenhagen, has never been mentioned by the American propaganda rag of record.

Thus begins the Great Thermate Debate, which rages fiercely to this day.

Marie-Paule Pileni resigned as Editor-in-Chief of the Bentham Open Chemical Physics Journal, immediately following the publication of Harrit, et al.

Those opposed to 9/11 Honesty hate the thermite hypothesis, because the presence of military-grade thermite in WTC dust makes the hypothesis [that thermite is indeed present in the dust] so difficult to disprove.  Much effort has been devoted to “debunking” this particular line of research.  Anti-truthers scream all day, in the 911truth subReddit ghetto, that the paper and its conclusions are flawed.

If not thermite, then what physical mechanisms did allow for the complete, rapid, symmetrical collapse of WTC 7? I ask. The debunkers draw a blank, or they draw me a picture of a Judy Wood death-ray — cognitive infiltration-style.

James Meigs, editor of Popular Mechanics claims thermite cannot cut steel, in 2006.

Thermite being used to cut steel beams.
Popular Mechanics, October 1935:

“Huge ‘overshoes’ in the form of cupolas made of steel and lined with firebrick were constructed around two legs of the tower and filled with 1,500 pounds of thermite, a mixture of aluminum and iron oxide. When fired by electricity, the thermite generated a temperature of more than 5,000 degrees about the two legs, melting the ten-foot sections almost instantly, causing the tower to tip and then to crash.”

This image can be found at, where it is used for the purpose of “debunking” the thermite hypothesis. It better describes the effect of the scientific method on James Meigs’ credibility.

The Truth about 9/11 is not hidden. We are all aware.
This is not the result of scattered office fires:

The remaining question is of honesty. Are you able to be honest with yourself, faced, as you are, with the enormous body of evidence that disproves the official story? Are you able to speak honestly about 9/11 in your community?

The Big Lie — the official story of 9/11 — precludes the formation of community.
So essential is the 9/11 narrative to our collective identity, the existence of contradictory truth results in what could best be described as collective schizophrenia, where there can exist no collective identity. This is so very saddening.

We are living in a metaphorical house with parents who murdered several of our metaphorical siblings, and we, the surviving metaphorical children, are aware of this. Do we cry, “Murder!” and hope that external authorities will come to our rescue? Do we live perpetually in fear and silence, and hope not to anger our murderous parents? Or do we detach ourselves from reality?

Our siblings died of natural causes… er… what siblings? Our parents are here to protect us.  Building 7 was clearly controlled demolition, but Towers 1 and 2, strictly jet fuel.  (collective schizophrenia)

Many of us have been crying “Murder!” for years now. External authorities have not been forthcoming. Some people still cannot come to terms with the truth; so emotionally stunted by the trauma-conditioning of 9/11, they are either unwilling or unable to confront the evidence.

History will judge the events of 9/11 fairly, there can be no doubt. The truth is known.

But in order for there to be justice, criminal proceedings must occur while Cheney and Rumsfeld, among others, are still alive. For the sake of our children, we need to engage in this discussion now. It would be irresponsible for us to leave them to bear this burden, to be watched over, and manipulated, by the same criminal enterprise that manufactured 9/11.

9/11 justice will be a test of the Universal Compassion and Understanding System.  The human collective is to be the subject of this test. The wars in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria, all mechanized warfare of 20th Century, all warfare of earlier periods — strictly preliminary information, the full record of which can be brought to the test.

This is to be an open-book test.

With the decision to execute German prisoners, we failed the test of Nuremberg. The cycle of violence continued.

As it becomes apparent that bad actors in our midst — another generation of the same Bonesmen that killed JFK — not 19 deceased hijackers and their deceased leader, were responsible for the crimes of 9/11, it becomes incumbent on us to neutralize the very real threat that these individuals still pose.

Those whose profession is in Law Enforcement, take note: The very concept of Law is threatened by the free operation of these individuals, and the economic forces they serve.

If power has been vested in you by Town, State, Federal jurisdiction, to administer law — to collect evidence, issue subpoenas, bring about criminal proceedings — it is time for you to investigate 9/11 as a crime.  Attorneys General, of states that lost citizens to the 9/11 catastrophe, do you not have sufficient grounds to take legal action?

You have received extensive training in these proceedures, and you have vast laboratories at your disposal.  Start by obtaining samples of WTC dust, with documented chains of custody, and have them tested for unreacted thermite.  Simple.

9/11 has never been investigated as a crime.

It is essential that justice be done while the criminals yet live, so that an example may be made of their lives.  When we have identified the murderous, treasonous tyrants who brought us 9/11, we must treat these troubled souls with unconditional compassion and understanding.

Let us proceed as soon a possible, while the elder statesmen of 9/11 science — Niels Harrit, Steven Jones, Kevin Ryan, David Ray Griffin, Mark Basile, David Chandler, Richard Gage — are here to serve the cause.

The only proper way to conclude this painful chapter of American History is with the 9/11 Trials. We need to get used to the idea. The longer this is delayed, the deeper grows the rift between the U.S. Government and the human race.

We can end the cycle of violence in this generation, simply by identifying the 9/11 criminals, and dealing with them mercifully.

Soldiers can come back home. Human energy and resources, now devoted to waging perpetual war, can be redirected toward building some lasting peace.

War is over.

The test begins now.

“If you fight, you may lose. If you do not fight, you have lost.

“I have no way back. I have six grandchildren– and what is going on here– it is our very civilization at stake. There is no way that our civilization can continue without facing these unsolved questions of 9/11.

“I think this is very serious. I am talking about all the things that you love; I am talking about democracy; I am talking about welfare; I am talking about the elderly; I am talking about children; I am talking about the economy; I am talking about the environment; I am talking about the very future of our Western society and our civilization.

“And I am very concerned… there is no way that our children can expect a future like ours, unless we face the unsolved questions of 9/11.”

–Niels Harrit
















































































































































































stand here

-marley engvall



































































































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    Many of us know, many of us believe… but what do we DO?

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