Operation Fast and Furious

Before this news is subsumed by the next wave of domestic military actions, I urge everyone to look at the LAX lockdown. This is the real meaning of “Operation Fast and Furious.” These “domestic terror” incidents are being manufactured now in such rapid succession that we cannot make sense of one before we are onto the next. But the terrorists are getting sloppy. Nick Pugh is a lead Concept Artist for visual effects studio Rhythm and Hues, where he creates original character, vehicle, FX and prop designs for feature films, commercials and print. Recent film credits include The Ring 2, The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, Garfield and Serenity. Nick has also worked on the remake of Alice in Wonderland. He has even given a “TED-Talk.” Apparently, he is also a terrible liar and a tool of the U.S. terror state.

*Please disregard rumors that he is “Harley-shirt-man” of 9/11 infamy. This false lead has been floated to divert attention from his incriminating television performance[s], delivered on the day of the event.

“There is a crisis actor down! Repeat– There is a crisis actor down!
We need more blood packets!
Bravo! Bravo! Now smile for the camera. For high-resolution photos of [as yet unidentified] crisis-actor-wheelchair-cop:









































































































































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peacefully dismantling the big lie. www.UnitedResistance911.wordpress.com
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