Edward J. Snowden– Whistleblower, or Another Assange? Kevin Ryan– Whistleblower.

Edward J. Snowden appears, out of nowhere–

–but admittedly from the deepest depths of the NSA.  He immediately graces the front page of the New York Times, gets headline coverage on all TV news.

This man, we are told, is prepared to leak upon us, like no leaker has ever leaked before.  He will leak whole terabytes upon the unwitting American public, and these leaks, we are told, will be more damning than all the low-level diplomatic cables, leaked by Assange, combined.

Snowden becomes an instant celebrity when he reveals that the American Intelligence State spies on American citizens, but the American spying program is then allowed appear, in the mainstream press, as deterrence of terroism, rather than an element of the NSA-orchestrated terror program. Snowden now seems to be trying to incriminate himself, revealing that he deliberately infiltrated the surveillance state for the purpose of revealing its deepest secrets.

But I do not see Snowden as a villain for revealing deep secrets of state, but because he, like the thoroughly discredited Assange, and covergirl Manning, is clearly not a whistleblower, since real whistleblowers are either murdered,

…or ignored by mass media…

Snowden reveals that all of our electronic communications are being surveilled.  Behold our collective shock and awe.  And our bitter sarcasm.

He reveals that the electronic communicatons of delegates of the 2009 G20 Summit were monitored by British GCHQ, and American intelligence agencies.

Did the members of the G20 delegation believe that their communications were truly secure, in London 2009?

By reading this far into the post, you have added yourself to a list.  The “NSA” is merely a list-making entity, and as its methods of compiling and storing lists becomes more sophisticated, the lists become more extensive and diverse.

We are all “listed,” and this is no great secret.  But we are also capable of making lists.

Cheney, Rumsfeld, Bremer, Kissinger, Larry Silverstein, Zelikow, various Bushes, and the rest of the deep-state crime syndicate–




You are “listed individuals” as well. All that remains to be seen is how various groups of “listed individuals” are to be dealt with, and who will do the dealing.

I would like to take this opportunity to say hello to all of my friends at the Central Intelligence Agency, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms, and all other No-Such-Agencies, among whose ranks exist a great many people who did truly intend to “serve the public,” in choosing a career in “public service.”  You, who have taken the time to read our postings, articles, pleas for sanity, and who now empathise with the “Truth” community, but feel constrained by bureacratic structures from ever openly voicing your solidarity, we implore you, be on the right side of history – on the side of the American people, not those that committed the crimes of 9/11.  The time is now.

It is your solidarity that allows us to continue to speak freely, on open (though monitored) channels of communication.  We will forgive your complicity in the information state, to the extent that we are still allowed to contribute to the state of information.

When a Snowden or Assange appears, always mysteriously, heretofore unknown, upon the National Media Stage, we are incredulous, and justifiably so.  What is the purpose of this Great Leaker? we ask.

Every major media event seems to advance some hidden agenda.  So what agenda is advanced by the Coming of the Great Leaker?


Distraction from what? we ask.

The premature death of journalist Michael Hastings?

Michael Hastings Sent Email About FBI Probe Hours Before Death
The Huffington Post | By Melissa Jeltsen

The Syrian crisis becoming World War III?

Or is it just another distraction from The Big Lie?

Kevin Robert Ryan, former employee of Underwriter’s Laboratory, has just released his much-anticipated new book, Another Nineteen, which takes the investigation of 9/11 to a whole new level– the naming of names.


Rest assured, Kevin Ryan will not be featured on the front page of the New York Times. In fact, The New York Times seems to have mentioned Kevin Ryan exactly once, in an article touting NIST’s defense of its own faulty science. Steven E. Jones was mentioned in the same article, but neither he nor Ryan has been mentioned since in the American newspaper-of-record, not even following the publication of their ground-breaking 2009 study, which indicates the presence of advanced thermitic material in all World Trade Center dust samples.

Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld are so obviously implicated in 9/11 that Ryan does not bother to include them among the 19, but includes them in a sort of preface, then proceeds to weave for the reader an intricate web of political and business ties that, in most cases, link the other 19 to the central figures of Cheney and Rumsfeld.

Another Nineteen (20, actually):

Frank Carlucci— Carlyle Group, BDM International, Former Deputy Director of CIA, Secretary of Defense.

Richard Armitage— Deputy Secretary of State on 9/11, extensive history in DoD.

Louis Freeh— Former F.B.I. Director

George Tenet— Director of Central Intelligence, July 11, 1997 – July 11, 2004.

Richard Clarke— White House Chief of Counterterrorism, 1984-2004; United States National Security Council, 1992–2003; United States Department of State, 1985-1992; centralCOG operative.

Benedict Sliney— Wall Street attorney, Installed as FAA Manager of Tactical Operations on 9/11.

Michael Canavan— JSOC, SOCEU, FAA “hijack coordinator” on 9/11.

Ralph Eberhart— NORAD.

Carl Truscott— Secret Service.

John Deutch— Deputy Secretary of Defense, 1994–1995; Director of Central Intelligence, May 10, 1995-December 15, 1996.

John Hamre— Deputy Secretary of Defense 1997-1999

Peter Janson— President and CEO of ABB (Rumsfeld on Board of Directors) 1990-1999, Renovated Pentagon Wedge 1, Cleared WTC Rubble.

Paul V. Facchina— Facchina Construction renovated Pentagon, Facchina Global Services may have played role in communication problems.

Louis Paul Bremer— Marsh & McLennan, Iraqi Occupation Governor

Brian Michael Jenkins— Rand Corporation, Kroll Associates

Wirt Walker— Stratesec, KuwAm, Bush cousin.

Barry McDaniel— Carlyle Group, Stratesec, BDM

Rudy Giuliani— Mayor of NYC on 9/11, Associate Attorney General during Iran-CONTRA.

Duane AndrewsSAIC, QinetiQ

Porter Goss— Director of Central Intelligence, September 24, 2004 – May 5, 2006.

Happy hunting.








































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