Richard Serino, Boston EMS Chief, FEMA Administrator: “Running a Planned Mass-Casualty Event”

Run a simple search on former Boston EMS Chief, RICHARD SERINO, and you will find connections to all of our government’s creepiest agencies (DHS, FEMA, DoD, etc.)

Here is a 2007 presentation by RICHARD SERINO:

(click image to download .pdf file)

Included in the presentation are several detailed maps of the Boston Marathon route,
which is perfectly innocuous, you say. This is merely an example of a major Boston gathering, at which there is the potential for a “mass-casualty event.”

But you must read between the lines.
Note the title of “Incident Commander”
Not “Incident Response Commander,”
or “Incident Team Commander,”
or “Incident Response Team Commander,
but “Incident Commander.”
This person, we must assume, is to be “in command” of the Incident.

Why the need to influence media reports?
Is this a standard function of first responders?


Is anyone satisfied with the official explanation of the Boston Bombing? That the Brothers Tsarnaev– young, foreign and Muslim (of course)– were the sole perpetrators of this low casualty, high profile, terror event, which triggered the unprecendented manhunt that placed a major American city under martial law, for an entire day.

One brother is dead, and the other conveniently had his vocal chords severed.

Todashev is murdered, in cold blood, a few weeks later.

Two FBI Agents Involved in Arrest of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev’s “FALL” Out of Helicopter and Die.

Just move along folks. There is nothing to see here.

Pay no mind to the mercenaries with overstuffed backpacks and earpieces.

Pay no mind to the plain-clothes agents who played cops for CBS News’ Sandy Hoax.

This is an open-and-shut case that we are being sold. Just like we were sold JFK, RFK, MLK, OKC, 9/11, 7/7, Obama and Adam Lanza. Are we going to buy it?

The official explanation makes no mention of the day-long bomb drill, or the Library bomb.

“As the Boston Globe tweeted, “Officials: There will be a controlled explosion opposite the library within one minute as part of bomb squad activities.” But the library bomb has been scrubbed from the official narrative.

The Boston Bombing was a drill, gone live.

9/11 was a drill, gone live.

The Sandy Hoax was a drill, gone live.

In order to accept the central premise of the Tsarnaev story (that the brothers are guilty), one must allow for the possibility that there is much more to the story than we will ever be told, and that this story, like so much manufactured terror, is merely a distraction from what is known and proven about the events of 9/11.

Tamerlan Tsarnaev’s Oswaldesque love affair with intelligence agencies on both sides of the Chain-Link [no longer solid Iron] Curtain gives him the appearance of a classic double-agent/patsy, and is ideal fodder for “conspiracy theory.”

Please do not devote too much of your energy to unravelling the mysteries of the Boston Bombing, because they are likely to remain mysteries. Like the Sandy Hoax, like Aurora, this event was designed as a cul-de-sac, a “boy-falls-down-a-well” story, a flash in the mass-media pan, small-time, and ultimately destined for the memory hole.

But will we now accept that a major American city can be placed under martial law, at any time?.


The agenda-setting function of Sandy Hoax was gun control. The function of the Boston Bombing: to get people accustomed to the idea of SWAT teams running rampant in our streets.

It is our duty to be aware of the agenda, to expose that agenda, and to resist.

The Government of the United States of America murdered three thousand of its own citizens, to create The Enormous Lie, which now serves as justification for murder of millions more in “The Global War on Terror”.
To redevelop some prime real estate in Manhattan.

To destroy computers in the Pentagon budget office.

Do not forget.

Any U.S. government that maintains the fictional account of 9/11 must be considered a continuation of the government that perpetrated the crime.

The phrase, “Running a Planned Mass-Casualty Event,” to me, is reminiscent of Larry Silverstein’s now infamous:

I said,
‘We’ve had such terrible loss of life,
maybe the smartest thing to do is 
pull it.’
And they made that decision to pull 
and we watched the building collapse.”

What egredious contortions of English syntax must we commit, in order for the phrase, “Running a Planned Mass-Casualty Event,” to mean anything other than “running a planned mass-casualty event?”


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One Response to Richard Serino, Boston EMS Chief, FEMA Administrator: “Running a Planned Mass-Casualty Event”

  1. George says:

    Good stuff, have faith, there are others out there whom are awake. I wish I knew more of them so we can unite. I feel bad for the kids (patsies) who took the fall for the BB, who knows how they got involved in such a evil plot to begin with. We as Americans, as humans, need to find a way around the IRS tax system, either by simply not filing which is obviously dangerous due to jail time, or by finding a reliable job that pays cash and then I suggest not reporting it to this crazy IRS government. What else can we do when it is obvious that the voting system is rigged, only a fool would believe at this point that the people are “electing” puppets such as Obama, or tyrants such as the Bushes. You on;t get to be president of the USA if you are in the good ol boy club of secret societies who worship Lucifer and Rothschild’s fiat currency. Good luck to you.

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