In Wake of US-Israeli Attack on Syria, UN Reveals Terrorists Not Government Used Sarin Gas

In Wake of US-Israeli Attack on Syria, UN Reveals Terrorists Not Government Used Sarin Gas

Our rulers continue to wage war against logic and critical thinking. While people starve in the streets of every American city, and die from preventable illness, while bankers and war profiteers enjoy record profits, the resources that we create are diverted to generate terror and inequality, both here and abroad.

We have the unprecendented opportunity to change all of this.

Bush & Co. made a big mistake with 9/11. Obama has made a big mistake by continuing and intensifying the Bush doctrine. Our “elected” leaders have shown their hand, and they are poised to grab the whole pot. But we can shut them down in an instant.

Truth and Justice are on our side. These words were capitalized in the days of the French Revolution, and they must be capitalized now.

In this, the second American Revolution, we must also have Public Opinion on our side. Between now and 9/11 we need to make contact with friends, family, teachers, students, public servants, soldiers. The mainstream media have abdicated their responsibility to the human race, so it is imperative that we demonstrate responsiblity toward one another.

By remaining silent, what we are telling our chldren, and future generations, about ourselves? That we lack the will and the courage to resist even the most monstrous of evils? That we care so little about their future that we would entrust their security to the madmen who did 9/11? That the laws of physics can be suspended for a day by moneyed interests?

While the Brookings institution “assesses options” for regime change in Syria, we need to assess options for regime change in the United States of America. The bombings, the foreign uprisings, the wars in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Lybia, Egypt, Israel/Palestine– all are just symptoms of a disease whose root is in Washington, DC.

But we, as Americans, need to remain united.

By bringing 9/11 criminals to justice, we can put an end to this madness.

We cannot allow them to win the war against reason.

We all need to be at Ground Zero, New York City on 11 September 2013.


About marley engvall

peacefully dismantling the big lie.
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