Who were the real patsies in the Boston Bombing?

The story of the Boston Marathon Bombing may still be extremely complex, or it may be just as simple as what is presented to us by our television screens and the FBI: two disgruntled Chechen brothers attacked innocent civilians at the Boston Marathon.

I have never had much respect for The New York Post, largely due to the utter simplicity of the narratives it tends to present to its audience.  I have always considered the Post a sensationalist tabloid rag that employs fearmongering, splashy headlines and bigotry to draw readers in.  But those splashy headlines do have a certain undeniable appeal, to the casual passer-by, if only for a good hate-read– something akin to listening to Rush Limbaugh, just for the perverse pleasure of loathing every pompous and bombastic word that he utters.  Since The Post has a sizeable circulation and readership, its headlines are bound to enter into The National Discourse– in most cases, just to be despised by a majority of thinking people.  The New York Post, come to think of it, would be a perfect place to send any news story to die an ignominious death.

I had no way to independently verify my early suspicions concerning the “Bag Man,” since identified as Yassine Zaimi, or his companion “Blue Boy,” identified as Salah Barhoun (or Salaheddin Barhoum, depending upon the source).  The two men just looked vaguely suspicious– Zaimi with his bulging backpack (the contents of which, to my knowledge, have not yet been enumerated) and Barhoun looking extremely alert, watchful.

The official Boston Bombing narrative involves an explosive device contained within a pressure-cooker, an excellent analogy for the political climate that now pervades the United States of America.  We are living in a highly volatile, tightly contained unit which seems, at times, very much on the verge of violent explosion.  But I urge all readers to remain calm.  We need to understand each other now, because we are all in this together, and we are motivated by a desire for peace, are we not?

The story that ran in the Post has since been excoriated by the entire media establishment, in unison, as being premature, which it may have been, or a piece of racial profiling, which it may also have been– besmirching the good name and visage of an innocent high school athlete and his coach.

These two individuals brought themselves dutifully before the authorities, and have since been cleared of all suspicion in this incident, according to the mainstream press.

This is the same mainstream press that knew, within hours of the 9/11 attacks in New York and Washington, that the crime was was perpetrated by 19 Islamic fanatics with box-cutters, operatives of the nebulous Al-Qaeda network, under the guidance of the mysterious Osama bin Ladn.  The entire media establishment shouted this fact in unison, and spoon-fed to its audience all the same pieces of evidence that the Bush White House had spoon-fed to it.  Those who doubted the story were vilified and ridiculed as “conspiracy theorists,” “Truthers,” tin-foil-hat-wearing so-and-sos, whose views simply had no place in the newly-unified National Discourse.


But the rock-solid consensus surrounding “the Al-Quaeda narrative” of 9/11 has waned considerably in the intervening years, even among mainstream journalists, who still must choose their words carefully concerning these events– if they want to keep their jobs.  But for many of us, whose livelihood is far less dependent upon our choice of words regarding 9/11, there has been growing an alternative and absolutely unshakable concensus surrounding the Al-Qaeda narrative:

It is a bloody sham, and nearly all elements of this narrative are demonstrably false.  Those among the mainstream press, who were not deliberately deceiving their audience with this narrative, were simply following the herd, and are now either too cowardly, too pigheaded, or too deeply indoctrinated to challenge The Big Lie.

Due to our awareness of The Big Lie, we are deeply distrustful of the mainstream press and the psychopaths that they serve.  The Big Lie has been essential to the promulgation of other lies, all of which further a truly perverted agenda, which involves the wreaking of chaos and devastation in every corner of the globe, the erosion of all human liberties, the amassing of unconscionable concentrations of wealth in the midst of crushing poverty.

And so, when we see upon the cover of the New York Post, or, for that matter, on the cover of the “more respectable” New York Times, an image or phrase intended to convey some semblance of “objective truth,” we are inherently distrustful, and understandably so.  These sources have stood steadfast in their support of The Big Lie for more than a decade now, and so they have lost all credibility.  The television lies, and we all know it.  National Pentagon Radio (NPR) lies, and we all know it.  The BBC lies, as the admirable Tony Rooke has demonstrated, and his local magistrate seems to agree.

So you are not alone.  We are all in this together.  And the terrorists know it.

They plan their attacks meticulously, methodically, to achieve maximum psychological effect.  Post-traumatic stress disorder is employed to make us simultaneously fearful and suggestible.  The Tavistock Institute of Social Relations has studied this effect for several generations now.  Commercials become ever more effective and complex.

And into this mix enters the inimitable Alex Jones, who seems to truly speak to us– sometimes.  He exposes The Big Lie for exactly what it is: a big lie.  He rails against the Rothschild banking cartel and the Federal Reserve, the Bilderberg group and the depopulation agenda.  His bursts of righteous fury do hold a certain undeniable appeal, to the casual passer-by.  His ubiquitous postings attract a sizeable audience, so the topics he addresses are bound to enter into The National Discourse, but they are ultimately rejected by the majority of thinking people.  Why?

Because we loathe every pompous and bombastic word that he utters.  Even when we see the logic of his arguments, and the inherent value of information that he presents, it is presented in such a way as to provoke a visceral aversion, which is difficult to explain, but which is undeniably there.  He is a classic representative of “Fifth Column” journalism.

The pictures that I presented to you in my previous post were from this website: http://imgur.com/a/sUrnA

These images were provided to us by an Internet entity which refers to itself as 4chan Think Tank.

4Chan is either directly linked to Alex Jones,
or he
has intentionally linked himself to it

I have come to believe that we, the honest truth-seekers, are now the patsies of The Boston Bombing.  We are left “holding the bag.”  But I believe that with some large-scale critical thinking, we can change this.

Please draw your own conclusions.

In solidarity,


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