Why does this man have a pressure cooker in his backpack?

*Postscript: According to recent reports from ABC News, the man in the blue track suit, beside the man with the bulging backpack, is named Salah Barhoun (Salaheddin Barhoum, according to other sources), and he has gone to authorities to clear his name.  He is a 17-year-old high school athlete and has been cleared of all suspicion. Oddly enough, ABC makes no mention of the “bag man” himself, Yassine Zaimi.

Well, if ABC News says it, it’s got to be true.

Remember when they told us about the 19 hijackers armed with box cutters?  Oh, and remember the one about that scrawny kid by the name of Adam Lanza who fired 154 shots in the space of two minutes… with a pair of handguns… no, wait a minute… with an assault rifle that was in the trunk of Christopher Rodia’s car, killing 100% of his targets, not injuring a single one?  His mother was a teacher at the Sandy Hook school… except that she wasn’t… or maybe she was.

Do not throw critical thinking out the window as soon as ABC News Almighty makes a pronouncement on some obviously fishy event.

And likewise, do not throw out critical thinking whenever some obscure blogger makes his pronouncement on an obviously fishy event.

This is the point of my blog, to get people to critically examine what is known and proven about the events of 9/11.  The Laws of Physics were not suspended for a day, regardless what ABC News may claim to the contrary.

Original post:

Who is this man with a pressure cooker in his back pack?  and the blue man? Image

and later without a pressure cooker in a back pack?  and the blue man again? Image

and this man, who seems to be delivering a backpack? Image

which looks very similar to the scraps of shrapnel-torn material found at the scene of the Boston Bombing… Image

and this fellow, busy with his large backpack? (though clearly post-bombing)

and these government goons with the earpieces? Image

one of whom is wearing a hat with the characteristic emblem of Navy Seal Team and/or Blackwater (later Xe, now Academi) Image

Maybe the gov’t goons are doing their job, keeping people safe…
but the reports of “drills” are awfully suspicious,
reminiscent of 9/11, 7/7 and Sandy Hook, to name a few.

The Feds keep telling us that there are no suspects in custody. But the man with the pressure cooker in his backpack really ought to be considered a suspect.

If his image is not plastered across the nightly news within the next few days, then there is clearly something amiss.

The police state is sophisticated enough, there should be no difficulty finding this man.

Can we get positive IDs on any of these individuals, before they are whisked away to some undisclosed tropical location, to enjoy their “unlimited-narcotics-and-underage-sex-traffic-victims-for-life” privileges, or are otherwise disappeared?

Do we want to live in a place where we even have to ask questions such as these?

Legislators, law enforcers and purveyors of public knowledge have clearly abdicated their responsibility to the human race. It is now time for us, who do still feel some responsibility to future generations, to speak loudly and clearly in opposition to the terrorists, whoever they might be, and to act, in coordinated opposition, on a large scale.

We must all actively resist this monstrosity. Neutrality is not an option.



more images from this most recent horrific event can be found here:  http://imgur.com/a/sUrnA

and finally, a word from our friend, StormCloudsGathering:


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