Is Wikileaks COINTEL?

Have you ever wondered why Wikileaks receives so much mainstream press when its stated aim is to expose the lies and secrets of the powerful?  Anyone who has ever tried to expose the lies and crimes of the powerful can attest that these attempts are met with silence, derision and subversion in the mainstream press.  So why is so much mainstream attention given to the mysterious Julian Assange?

Assange has stated unambiguously that he finds 9/11 truth activists “annoying,” and this should give pause to any truth-seeking observer.  His purpose in releasing such volumes of “classified information,” which is really just a pile of low-level diplomatic cables, is to divert the energy of genuine truth-seekers by compelling them to sift through a mountain of horse shit to find a shred of “truth.” 

Julian Assange is a fake.  His code name as a hacker was “Mendax,” which mean “Liar” in Latin.  And that is exactly what he is.  

I urge all genuine truth-seekers to ignore the diversion of Wikileaks, and to seek truth through other channels.


About marley engvall

peacefully dismantling the big lie.
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6 Responses to Is Wikileaks COINTEL?

  1. cmrsyk1985 says:

    You are a liar and a fraud. Take your garbage to another domain…preferably one that you pay for…

  2. cmrsyk1985 says:

    It all makes sense now. Your from the east coast and your a Yankee/hippy. I should have known. That was my fault.

    • the “you’re” that you’re fishing for, in your limited vocabulary, is a contraction of “you” and “are.” you’re fighting outside your weight-class. please read a book before any further trolling.

  3. cmrsyk1985 says:

    Keep up the conspiracy theory tactics though. I hear that makes the “big bucks” these days.

    • in exposing The Big Lie, i seek no monetary gain. i support the american revolution with my words and with my own personal funds, which i work very hard to earn.

      is shite poetry is making “big bucks” these days, douche?

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